Welcome to iWrite - Short stories, opinion and recollections

During life you see and experience so much, everyone has a story to tell. These stories may not always be interesting but I'd bet you everyone could at least fill a chapter.

These pages are my chapters. Not always necessarily about me, but as with anyone that made it past the big three zero I have enjoyed a sporadically full life and can fill my fair share. What we have here though are recollections from childhood, thoughts on the matter of life and musings on everything else including interests, annoyances and occasionally my experiences.

I do love to write but am the first person to admit that what exists as literary poetry in my mind often does not appear so on the page, or screen. Reading though, discovered at the age of nine, opened multiples worlds for an inventive imagination to explore, learn and expand. I altered my career requirements at that time from spaceman or diver to writer.

So, despite thinking I am fairly proficient at this and getting better, I do not claim to be good, yet. I enjoy what I write, try to be interesting, wry and don't post anything I don't like. I do not want you embarking on a read fest under false pretences. Additionally then you should not be surprised that there are some shortcomings in grammar and text flow, especially in the earlier writings.

The good news though is that the more I have written the better all this has become. Most significantly I would say in sentence and paragraph structure. I do wish I had someone that could edit my work though. You can spend hours writing, but by the time your masterpiece is finished; you have read through many times edited and corrected grammar, you have just spent too much time with the text to make objective decisions about the actual content.

I do hope you enjoy this section of the website, of course for a site that was created with the purpose of writing in mind there is a lot more elsewhere. So why not try reading my Diary archives and Movie reviews next time you have a spare moment or two.

PS for what is currently my favourite piece of home grown writing read; 'Look into my eyes' all entries in this section should be accessed from the front menu.

October 2002 edited February 2006